Virtual CFO Solutions

Growing businesses many times will struggle with staffing at the CFO level.   Businesses generally grow because their owners are great at selling, making things, or trading things.  They generally don’t get big because they have a great knowledge of accounting and finance.  So putting in a new accounting system may mean having to build up the accounting and financial staff as well. Virtual CFO solutions from BTA Consulting & Training can solve the staffing problem on a temporary or permanent basis.

The Virtual CFO resource involves us in your business to grow your accounting and finance staff.  We can lay out a plan for training and building the staff.   We can function as a CFO on a part-time basis and staff permanently as needed.

In the rough economic times that we are in, some companies may be scaling down for more efficiency and a tighter budget.  What used to be a larger staff and full-time positions, may, today, be less staff and some converted to part time.  We can assist in these transitions as well with our virtual CFO solutions.

This is an add-on service to our clients, as needed.

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