Intuit Solution Provider – Now the Intuit Reseller Program

We are a charter member of the NEW Intuit Reseller Program, formerly the  Intuit Solution Provider Program.  This provides our clients with a full service, one-stop shop to deal with issues surrounding their accounting, finance, and management information system.

The formula is simple:

  • start with the most user-friendly accounting software in the world
  • Provide mid-market features needed for businesses in the mid-market
  • Provide scalability for businesses from 5 to 30 users…and beyond (with add-ons)
  • Provide business intelligence/data mining capabilities for business metrics
  • Provide a report writer which allows for GAAP financial statement reporting
  • Provide hundreds of add-on products that work in conjunction with QuickBooks

QuickBooks Enterprise was introduced in 2002 and has developed and evolved every year.  For 2010, the eighth year of this product, it now is truly entering the mid-market toe-to-toe with other traditional mid-market products.
intuit reseller solutions provider
BTACT, as a Certified Premier Reseller, has resources to drive your business to the next level, and the next level….

The parts of the Intuit program offering are quite extensive:

  • Enterprise accounting software
  • QuickBase which is a database in the cloud which has several hundred modifiable applications ready to go.
  • Payment solutions for merchant services, check processing and mobile credit and debit card processing.
  • Payroll processing in several flavors.
  • Retail POS solutions
  • Hundreds of add-on products

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