Advanced Inventory – NEW FEATURE IN ENTERPRISE v12 – Check it out!

Advanced Inventory is an optional module offered in the newest version of QuickBooks Enterprise, v11.0.  Advanced Inventory allows for multiple locations to be tracked in QuickBooks, for those companies that have more than one location. Advanced … [Read more...]

SEO White Paper Available on ProAdvisor Member Website

February 23rd 2011 by Katie McPhee, Intuit. You asked … and we listened! We’re now providing updated content within the ProAdvisor member website every month to help you get more value out of your membership. Come back to visit the site each month … [Read more...]

At the Intuit Solution Providers West Coast Road Show

Today, February 4th, Bruce and I are attending the Intuit Solution Providers, West Coast Road Show. It is at the Westin San Francisco, in the wonderful Bay Area. Today's topics revolve around the Intuit Solution Providers program, developments … [Read more...]

SmartScan – Baus-Systems – Serialized Inventory Capabilities

Currently, we have been evaluating and supporting a new bolt-on, third-party application to provide Serial Number tracking capabilities to QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions.  The product is called SMARTSCAN, and it comes in several … [Read more...]

Document Management (the “e-kind”) – for All QuickBooks 2010 Versions

Document Management, of course this is electronic, for all versions of QuickBooks 2010.  This is a really huge item for so many reasons. … [Read more...]

Custom Fields – QuickBooks Enterprise v. 10 (2010)

What makes an accounting/management program unique to the specific company?  The ability to customize the way a program can gather data.  Enterprise Version 10 is now able to make the claim that is can make the program unique.  This is clearly a … [Read more...]

Intuit Solution Provider Summit – 2009 – Your input requested…

Hello everyone! Well, its that time of the year again, and we are off to the annual Intuit Solutions Provider Summit - 2009.  It will be held in Chicago, Illinois, @ The Fairmont Hotel, from October 5th-8th, 2009. … [Read more...]

Getting Back to Basics

Being from Los Angeles (originally Iowa, but in LA for a long time now), I will always remember Pat Riley, former head coach of the LA Lakers.  He was always the cool guy.  In a bad year, he was saying routinely, "We have to get back to … [Read more...]

Accounting Systems: to report history or to help forecast the future?

When I entered the accounting profession, financial statements were typed in word processors and spreadsheets were done on 13-column paper.  Really not so long ago, but getting a financial statement was truly an "event"! Now basic accounting … [Read more...]

Did you get your annual physical this year, oh, and, how about your business???

So you are a loving, caring individual who loves their body.  Every year, you get a full phyiscal and you are thrilled to find out your ticker (heart) is fine and everything else attached to it. So what do you do for your business?  How is the … [Read more...]