About Our Company

BTA Consulting and Training specializes in QuickBooks software training, support, systems design and implementation.  Our firm provides a variety of business services associated with the operation of your business.  In addition to supporting QuickBooks, we provide back-office support in the form of payroll processing or merchant services.

BTA Consulting and Training originally started in 2002 as a technology division of an accounting firm.   There was a full-service hardware division, with technicians conducting installations and servicing maintenance plans.

At the time, BTA Constulting, or BTACT for short, was supporting several small and mid-market software platforms.  ACCPAC’s line of software, BusinessVision, and Intacct, were some of the several platforms offered to meet our clients needs, in addition to QuickBooks.  QuickBooks was always the main platform that our clients used, and over the years, more and more people are using QuickBooks to do their business books.

One service of ours is offering outsourced accounting services. This is where BTA Consulting & Training functions as your accounting staff.  If your company’s needs are such that you as a business owner cannot do it all yourself, but you don’t have the need for an “accounting division,” let us help you. If you need information, you just send us an Instant Message, an email, or give us a call, and we will quickly provide you with the answer.

This is the future that we are providing now.

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