5 Minute QuickBooks: Setting up Weekly Financial Reports

As part of a series for The Fine Foods Group, here is the first installment of "5 Minute Books" by Bruce Andersen on the topic of setting up weekly financial statements in Quickbooks. When is the right time for looking at your financials?  … [Read more...]

Advanced Inventory – NEW FEATURE IN ENTERPRISE v12 – Check it out!

Advanced Inventory is an optional module offered in the newest version of QuickBooks Enterprise, v11.0.  Advanced Inventory allows for multiple locations to be tracked in QuickBooks, for those companies that have more than one location. Advanced … [Read more...]

Getting Back to Basics

Being from Los Angeles (originally Iowa, but in LA for a long time now), I will always remember Pat Riley, former head coach of the LA Lakers.  He was always the cool guy.  In a bad year, he was saying routinely, "We have to get back to basics...like … [Read more...]

Did you get your annual physical this year, oh, and, how about your business???

So you are a loving, caring individual who loves their body.  Every year, you get a full phyiscal and you are thrilled to find out your ticker (heart) is fine and everything else attached to it. So what do you do for your business?  How is the … [Read more...]