Sleeter Solutions ’13 – Gain an Unfair Advantage With the New Integrated Cloud

More than 8 Million users Work Online with ZohoThe following live blog was transcribed from Day 1 of the Sleeter 2013 Solutions Conference.

Name: Gain an Unfair Advantage With the New Integrated Cloud – ZOHO

Speakers Name: Prashant Ganti – @prashantganti

Got there a little late.

Went over what people think of when they hear the word cloud, asides from thunderstorms. Then dove into a brief history of Zoho and the hosted solutions they provide.

New Zoho Books (Today Zoho just released this product after extensive research, testing and design). Previously it was available, but not to the extent it does with the new version.

  • Faster than desktop
  • beautiful interface
  • it’s all about the ecosystem
  • additional features – client portal, improved AR & banking
  • future proofing

Manage Client Engagements with Zoho Projects – Feeds Interface

  • Accounting engagements qualify as projects
  • invite your client and staff members
  • interact using facebook-like feed
  • Project templates – documents might change from client to client but the process is going to be the same, so you can create templates that can be used as a cookie cutter forms for performing specific tasks.

zoho reports image

Talking about data, and the nature of the cloud architecture enables data to be liberated. Example used was on Zoho’s sales and finance departments and how they can use project. Sales people need to access financial information, create orders, access pricing information and finance needs to know orders in pipeline, sales forecasts, etc. The nature of cloud offerings enable you to enter information once and use it across various departments.

  • Zoho CRM integrates with Zoho Books
  • contact info sync’d
  • potential client added to CRM, automatically creates estimates and other content on the Zoho Books end automatically.

CRM and Accounting integration Benefits

  • Sales can access customer balances
  • proactive customer service
  • no unmatched fields

Moving on to Document Management – Zoho Doc’s

  • Create spreadsheets, presentations, etc.
  • create sharing permissions and workspaces for each client
  • mobile access
  • share and collaborate on documents
  • Other mobile goodies like doc scanner, comment and show more help you manage doc’s better, and on the go.

Complete view of your client

Went over all of the Zoho products and services, and explained how it can help providers serve clients better. Integrates with email providers (GMAIL), phone, support, docs (including Google Docs too), engagements, invoice and payments, campaigns, more. Gives a single source of data and views on all your clients so you can better serve them.

Questions from the audience regarding being able to allow clients to see certain things, and not be allowed to see other things. This can be done by the way you configure the templates.

Another round of questions specifically regarding the various currencies you can run in Zoho. Prashant went over all the different currencies that are available, and it’s much more than just the ability to use Euros.

There is also a journal entry module.

The Zoho team will be in the exhibit hall at Booth 210.

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