Remote Access, and Accountant’s Copy Transfer Files – Their Function, Pros/Cons

Remote Access and using Accountant's Copy Transfer Files is the way to go these days, when travel time to and from a client can be more time and money consuming.  More and more, I am conducting training and support with people geographically far … [Read more...]

Did you get your annual physical this year, oh, and, how about your business???

So you are a loving, caring individual who loves their body.  Every year, you get a full phyiscal and you are thrilled to find out your ticker (heart) is fine and everything else attached to it. So what do you do for your business?  How is the … [Read more...]

Welcome to the new BTACT.COM

Please be patient, we are working to create a better site for our valued clients, check back soon or subscribe to our feed for updates. … [Read more...]